We have been submitted for certification! It’s like we’re a real skill now! I’ll try and keep an archive of past games of the day here, for anyone who is curious. I’ll also include a transcript for those who may want to read about random video games but don’t want to listen to my horrible, awful, no good voice (or if you’re deaf or something… how did you learn about this page?? I’m legitimately curious!)

Hello and welcome! My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s video game of the day!

Today’s game is from all the way back in 1985, World Cup Soccer for the Mattel Intellivision. Created as a follow up to the game simply named Soccer, World Cup Soccer boasted such impressive features as “heading the ball”, “changing players” and my personal favorite, “a full team of players”.

As is expected, World Cup Soccer was released outside the US as World Cup Football. From the research I could find, this was the first game made by developer Nice Ideas and it was one of only three games in the company’s lifetime. They followed World Cup Soccer up with Pyroman for the MSX and Championship Tennis back on the Intellivision.

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Game on!