2/20 – Final Fantasy Adventure

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Today’s game is Final Fantasy Adventure, an action RPG developed by Square in 1991 for the Game Boy.

Final Fantasy Adventure was originally developed as a standalone title called Gemma Knights, but was rebranded before it’s initial release. In Japan, Square used an old trademark for an unfinished game intended for the Famicom Disk System and called it Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden. In Europe, the game was released as Mystic Quest and in North America, it received the name Final Fantasy Adventure.

The story follows a player-named male and female protagonist who set out on a quest to stop the evil Dark Lord, lord of the Glaive Empire, from exploiting the power of the legendary Tree of Mana.

Gameplay is similar to the Legend of Zelda series. Players travel across connected square areas that make up the game’s world, filled with plenty of enemies to kill and dungeons to crawl. Throughout the journey, players will acquire an arsenal of unique weapons to use in combat such as Axes and Sickles, each of which has a unique attack animation and can grant special abilities. Players also level up by killing enemies and can upgrade Power, Stamina, Wisdom and Will attributes. Another notable element to Final Fantasy Adventure’s gameplay is the inclusion of AI-controlled allies which will help you fight enemies. This was a rare inclusion on the limited Game Boy hardware.

Music was mostly composed by Kenji Ito, his first solo composer position after working alongside famed gaming composer Nobuo Uematsu on Final Fantasy Legends 2. He would go on to work on a number of gaming franchises such as the SaGa series and Shadow Hearts.

Final Fantasy Adventure was well received in its day by critics and fans with Square greenlighting a full spin-off series which would come to be known as the Mana series in the west. Final Fantasy Adventure was later be remade on the Game Boy Advance as Sword of Mana and would be remade again on mobile devices and the Playstation Vita as Adventures of Mana.

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