3/29 – Gaist Crusher

Hello and welcome. My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s Video Game of the Day.

Today’s game is the Japanese-only 3DS release, Gaist Crusher, developed by Treasure and published by Capcom in 2013.

Gaist Crusher introduces players to a near future world in the year 2075 after mankind has discovered a new type of metal known as Gai-metal. This metal contains immense energy potential and so a global rush for the metal commences. Shortly after, humanity is attacked by creatures called Gaist which are made of Gai-metal. Thus, humanity has created a special attack force called the Gaist Crusher Garrison to combat these creatures.

Gameplay of Gaist Crusher is similar to games such as Monster Hunter or God Eater. Players are sent on missions which involve exploring and fighting smaller Gaist before facing off against a large boss Gaist. Players fight by utilizing Gaist Gear, special armor that can change forms on the fly to adapt to the player’s needs at the time. Finally, by buying real-life toys, players can import special armors and weapons into the game by scanning them on the 3DS.

Gaist Crusher was planned by Capcom to be a major new IP in Japan and they marketed it towards kids in a large cross-platform push. A manga was published in popular manga magazine, Shonen Jump shortly before the game was released which went for two years. An anime series also aired for one full year. An enhanced sequel was also made called Gaist Crusher God which contained the full, original game as well as a new story taking place after the events of the first game.

Ultimately, Gaist Crusher received fairly average reviews from critics and sold extremely poorly, reportedly selling just over 50,000 copies throughout its lifetime. It was criticised for being repetitive and shallow compared to other similar games on the market at the time. The toys angle was compared negatively to Skylanders while the gameplay was compared negatively to Monster Hunter or God Eater. While Capcom did try to release the enhanced sequel to boost the game’s appeal, it reportedly sold even worse, not even pushing 30,000 copies. The series was never localized and was written off as a failure by Capcom.

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