4/14 – Syberia II

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Today’s game is Syberia 2, the sequel to the acclaimed point and click Adventure game Syberia. If you want to hear our episode on the original game, head to videogameoftheday.com where we have that January 25th episode archived. Syberia 2 was originally released on PC in 2004.

Syberia 2 picks up where the first game left off, with protagonist Kate Walker abandoning her previous life as a lawyer in New York City to follow the strange inventor, Hans Voralberg, and help him find the mythical island of Syberia where Mammoths still live. Hans has become quite ill, however, so it becomes up to Kate to try and keep the automaton-managed train moving and help Hans fulfill his dream before he passes.

Syberia 2 plays much like it’s predecessor and other point and click adventure games. Much of the game consists of speaking to a number of unique and eccentric characters, trying to gather hints as to how to proceed. Kate often finds herself in situations where resourceful use of items is the only way to solve puzzles and resolve problems. The game does not feature deaths or game over screens, allowing players to experiment in order to continue.

Syberia 2 received positive reviews for its PC version. Later versions released for Xbox and Playstation 2 were not as well received. The game was praised for its impressive art direction and uniquely interesting characters. However, the ambiguous ending left many with questions, particularly when faced with the director saying there was not going to be a Syberia 3. Despite this claim and the confusion by critics, Syberia 2 was well renowned as an adventure game and received re-releases on mobile devices, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch. The director would later reverse course and return to direct Syberia 3, which would release 13 years later in 2017. While 3 was not as well received, the series is still listed as one of the best adventure game series ever made.

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