6/6 – Contradiction – Spot the Liar

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Today’s game may not be for everyone but I have a soft spot in my heart for cheesy goodness like this. Today’s game is Contradiction – Spot the Liar, released for iOS, Windows and Mac in 2015.

Contradiction is an FMV adventure game, meaning the whole game uses footage of real actors. This was a popular sub-genre back in the 90’s when CD technology was new and shooting footage of real people was cheaper than hiring artists to animate. That said, the quality was typically pretty sub-par so they gained a reputation of being campy. Contradiction dives head-first into that tradition for modern audiences.

Players play as Detective Jenks, a detective who is sent to the small village of Edenton to investigate the death of a girl, Kate Vine. To solve the mystery, players must question the inhabitants of the town, gather evidence and use it to find contradictions in people’s statements. This will unlock new information, new areas and new people to question, all to get to the bottom of who killed Kate Vine.

I have no problem saying that Contradiction is not for everyone. You already probably know if you enjoy cheesy acting or not but on top of that, the game’s ending was rushed due to budget issues so the developer wasn’t able to properly tie up some of the loose plot threads. While he wanted to do a sequel, it has been four years and it seems unlikely at this point. The main plot is concluded but there are some pretty noticeable hanging threads so if that’s going to bother you, Contradiction may not be for you. All that said, if you have a friend or two willing to come over and laugh at a game with you, Contradiction is one of the best out there. The acting, particularly that of Detective Jenks, is spot-on and won’t fail to bring a smile to your face. It took my wife and I about 8 hours to finish Contradiction and for only 10 US dollars, it’s well worth it.

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