*UPDATE* Video Game of the Day is back up! I expected it to take much longer but Amazon’s account team got back to me in only about 24 hours. I have my account back and Video Game of the Day is going strong. I’m leaving this post up for those wondering what happened yesterday but I’ll unpin it in a couple of days. Thank you for all the support you all gave me over the last few days. It has meant the world to me and I’m sorry for taking you on this roller coaster.


Hey everybody. I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on the last week. Here’s my audio but the TL;DR here is that my Amazon account was hacked last week and I haven’t had access to that account since then. Because of an accident when I first made Video Game of the Day, I’ve actually had my content management hosted on a different account, which is why I’ve been able to post episodes. In order to investigate the account though, Amazon has had to deactivate my VG of the Day account and VG of the Day along with it.

I will continue to post new episodes here along with any updates with the investigation. Fingers crossed, I will have my account back in the next couple of days and all will go back to normal. Until then, the Alexa app will be unavailable. If you want to know how to help, the best thing you can do is keep Video Game of the Day enabled. I’m hopeful that we can come out of this soon and the less momentum lost, the better. If you want to share this message with folks and just let people know that we’ll be back soon, that would also be amazing. Every day it’s down hurts the stats so minimizing that is the best thing we can do right now. Lastly, if you want to just post a review on Amazon, that would be super helpful. Amazon’s algorithm weighs heavily towards apps with lots of reviews so posting those is incredible for spreading the word.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. I’ll post content as much as I can here in the meantime and will keep you all updated with whatever happens. If I know it, you’ll know it. Keep an eye on Twitter @vg_oftheday for updates as well.