11/13 – Gravity Ghost

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We’ve been talking about several classic games recently so why don’t we move back up to the 2010’s, arguably the decade of indie games. Thanks to platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, indie games are often able to stand toe to toe with AAA games these days. They may not have the marketing oomph but it’s a lot easier to drop 10 dollars on a game than 60. Today’s game is a little indie gem I found made by a single person, Erin Robinson Swink. Today’s game is Gravity Ghost, first released for PC, MacOS and Linux in 2015.

Gravity Ghost is a physics-based puzzle game where players play as Iona who must search the galaxy for her lost friend, the ghost fox. Iona can jump from planet to planet on a 2D plane, dealing with the gravitational pull from each planet as she traverses the universe. To complete her quest, she must help 7 guardians re-shape the broken universe by completing challenges and helping survivors.

Gravity Ghost contains over 100 levels which use gravity-based puzzles that players must solve to proceed. Power-ups can alter the mechanics, allowing for a variety of puzzles and solutions. The game also sports entirely hand-painted graphics made by Erin as well as a soundtrack made by composer Ben Prunty, known for working on FTL, Into the Breach, Subnautica: Below Zero and Celeste.

Gravity Ghost received moderate praise upon release. The storyline was criticised for coming off a bit half-hearted at times although the ending was praised. Despite using voicework from well known video game actors such as Ashly Burch, the recording quality was noted to not be up to snuff. Despite this, the puzzles were reviewed well and the game maintains a Very Positive rating on Steam. Gravity Ghost would go on to receive a Deluxe Edition on the Playstation 4 in 2019.

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