While this is an older game, released in 2017, it is no less impactful today. A story, told entirely from the point of view of a character who knows very little about their surroundings despite growing up in the house. This review will contain minimal spoilers but if you are trying to avoid knowing anything about it, then feel free to skip out on this one.

I have never seen a story told quite like this. This game has you walk through the main setting, all the time looking for clues to the storyteller’s familial past. As you wander around, it is easy to discover the items you are supposed to find, but if you want to be a true detective, observing the other items around will also help give context to the supporting characters and their stories.

Each of the supporting characters has their own story to tell and the combination of all of the stories helps the player to determine their understanding of what happened to the Finch family. The vignettes used to explain the stories along the way are each creative and unique to the character being described. There are some very sensitive subjects that are expressed so if you struggle with delicate matters, this may be one you want to avoid, or at least go into it expecting to cover difficult topics regarding death.

Ultimately, I would give this game a 9.5/10. To be fair, I tend not to give games 10/10 because I believe in leaving room in case something comes up that tops the previous game. With that being said, I highly recommend playing through or watching someone do a play through of the game. This game has very minimal “gameplay” like typical video games, so I would say this is a great one to play with your significant other watching!