2/11 – Urban Chaos

Hello and welcome. My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s video game of the day.

Today’s game is Urban Chaos, the first title by Mucky Foot Productions. Urban Chaos was first released on the PC in 1999 and was later ported to the Playstation and Dreamcast in 2000.

Urban Chaos puts players in the shoes of D’Arci, a new recruit to the Union City Police, as she is tasked with taking down a gang known as the Wildcats. She soon meets up with a vigilante named Roper and the two work together to defeat this gang and their discovered political ties.

Urban Chaos is a third person action adventure game that focuses on 3D movement and sophisticated melee combat in a series of open levels. These days, players may see Urban Chaos as a spiritual predecessor to the Crackdown series. While the game does not feature a full open world, each level is open and encourages exploration. Players will encounter a number of side activities ranging from breaking up fights to saving hostages. As a police officer, D’Arci also has the ability to arrest criminals rather than just defeat them in combat. Doing this will affect D’Arci’s reputation around the city.

Originally released to positive reviews on the PC, both console ports were received very negatively, with reviewers criticising the lazy port and poor frame rate. Fortunately, in 2017, the source code for Urban Chaos was released online so the game is now free and legal to download and play on PC.

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