2/12 – Ford Racing: Off Road

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Today’s game is 2008’s Off Road for the PC, Playstation 2, PSP and Nintendo Wii. Released in North America as Ford Racing: Off Road, Off Road is actually the 7th and final title in the Ford Racing series, which started in 2000 with Ford Racing on the PC and Playstation. The game was developed by Razorworks, their second to last game before our previously discussed Pipe Mania.

Off Road is a racing gaming featuring both Ford and Land Rover vehicles, as Land Rover was briefly owned by Ford from 2006 to 2008. This is the only game in the series to feature Land Rover vehicles. Unlike previous games in the series, Off Road, as the title implies, takes the game to Off Road racing tracks, instead of the pro race tracks or street racing settings they used before.

A single-player career mode offers players the chance to play through and unlock each of the 12 tracks and 18 vehicles offered in the game. Players can also choose quick race, tournament and multiplayer modes as well. Multiplayer is restricted to two players and is only available on the console versions. PC players are only offered the single player modes.

Despite the lack of multiplayer, the PC version of the game was given mixed reviews, with many reviewers pointing out that the game was an adequate racer but just didn’t compare to the more advanced racing games on the market in 2008 such as Burnout Paradise or Forza Motorsport 2. The console games were additionally criticized for their poor controls and buggy gameplay.

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