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3/2 – Herzog Zwei

Hello and welcome. My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s video game of the day.

Today’s game is one of the earliest real-time strategy games, Herzog Zwei. Developed by Technosoft, Herzog Zwei was released on the Sega Genesis in Japan in 1989.

The name, Herzog Zwei, translates from German as Duke Two, as this game is actually the sequel of Herzog, a game released exclusively in Japan on MSX computers. Herzog Zwei updated and fixed many of the mechanics of its predecessor and was brought over to the United States and Europe.

Herzog Zwei has players take control of a mech which can be used as an intermediary to give orders to a larger army. Players must move their mech over to bases in order to build other units such as infantry or tanks. They then assign each unit an order which it will carry out to the best of its ability. Players can reassign units to other missions but must pilot their mech over to the unit in order to do so.

Players will attempt to take control of various outposts scattered throughout each map. Controlling an outpost provides players with additional resources and another base to produce units. Each map has nine outposts in addition to each player’s central base. A player wins by destroying their opponent’s central base.

Herzog Zwei received a wide range of reactions critically and sold quite poorly. That said, Herzog Zwei has had a lasting impact on gaming as being one of the first true real time strategy games. Developers of such games as Command and Conquer, Dune II and Starcraft would list Herzog Zwei as one of its major influences. Later on, Herzog Zwei would also be considered a major influence on the MOBA genre of games, such as League of Legends or DOTA 2.

In retrospectives, Herzog Zwei is much more positively received and is often praised for its influences on gaming.

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