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Today’s game is Chiki Chiki Boys. First released on Capcom’s arcade platform in 1990, Chiki Chiki Boys is a two-player side-scrolling action-platformer where players play as one of two twins, trying to save their destroyed kingdom from an evil monster.

Each of the game’s levels has you wielding your sword and limited magic attacks to defeat a large number of enemies swarming at you from all sides. The blue twin starts with stronger and faster sword attacks while the red twin is more proficient with magic attacks, which cover the entire screen but are limited in number. Exploration is also encouraged through hidden chests containing power ups and stronger weapons.

Some have compared gameplay to Wonder Boy in Monster World.

Chiki Chiki Boys was first brought to North America and Europe under the name Mega Twins. It kept this name for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga ports in 1991. However, when the game was brought to the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive in 1992, it was switched back to Chiki Chiki Boys. The Genesis version of the game does not contain the two player cooperative play. In 1994, an arcade accurate version of the game was released on the PC Engine Super CD-ROM but this port was only released in Japan.

Reviews of the game were very positive and to this day, it is considered a hidden gem in Capcom’s library. More recently, it was released on two of the Capcom Classics Collection games, available on the PSP, Playstation 2 and Xbox.

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