4/2 – Nijiiro Twinkle – Guruguru Dai-Sakusen

Hello and welcome. My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s Video Game of the Day.

Today’s game is the Japanese exclusive puzzle game, Nijiiro Twinkle – Guruguru Dai-sakusen. Made by ASCII Entertainment, Nijiiro Twinkle was released on the Sony Playstation in 1998.

Nijiiro Twinkle is a puzzle game similar to Puyo Puyo or Dr. Mario. Players play on a 2D field with sets of two colored gems dropping from the top of the screen. Players must match three of the same color gem in order to clear them from the field. If the gems build up and reach the top of the screen, the player loses.

Nijiiro Twinkle has a quick play mode which is simply a way to play a solo game but it also has a story mode. Players can choose one of six characters who must play a versus match against AI controlled opponents to win. The story changes depending on which of the six characters the player chooses to start with but all stories involve the character facing off against vampires who serve as the primary villains. The story is mostly told through text but has background art which melds a hand-drawn aesthetic with anime art. Currently, there are no known fan translations of the story so players will need to know Japanese in order to experience the plot.

Nijiiro Twinkle also includes a time attack mode, where solo players must simply survive for the allotted time, a versus mode against AI and a versus mode against human players.

I was unable to find any critical reviews of the game but player reviews were mostly positive, with many claiming that the story mode was a nice addition to what is otherwise a standard Puyo Puyo clone. It is unknown why the game wasn’t localized but it is likely due to the Playstation 2 being on the horizon and the US market’s relative lack of interest in 2D games at the time.

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