6/4 – Kindergarten

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Today’s game is a strange one. It’s almost hard to classify but I suppose it would best be called an adventure game. Today’s game is Kindergarten, released for Windows and Mac computers in 2017.

Despite the name and the Kindergarten setting, Kindergarten is definitely not for kids. You play as a new kid to a Kindergarten straight out of hell where teachers, kids, janitors, whoever, have no problem ending your short life if you rub them the wrong way. And that isn’t hard to do in this school where everyone is barely hanging on to their sanity.

The game has you play through the same day over and over again but with the option to make some drastic choices to change the story and unlock different endings. Each day starts by letting you choose what to take to school that day. From day to day, you can save money as well as special items you obtain by completing a character’s storyline. Each of the off-kilter characters has their own unique storyline with puzzles and quests to accomplish in order to win their prize. Oftentimes, you’ll need the item from one character’s questline to complete another character’s quest on a different day.

Kindergarten is decidedly mature and I do not recommend it for anyone who can’t handle some incredibly dark humor. That said, if you can appreciate the subject matter, the game has some hilarious writing and fantastic, unexpected events. My wife and I managed to 100% complete the game in about 8 hours. There are a great mix of puzzles, some simple to figure out and some extremely obscure, but all of them have some level of logic and with some trial and error, which the game encourages, most players will be able to get every ending soon enough. For only $5 US dollars on Steam, if you can handle the dark humor, Kindergarten is a great choice.

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