6/3 – Subsurface Circular

Hello and welcome! My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s Video Game of the Day!

Today is the first day of our #loveindies event. If you haven’t heard about that and want more information, check out videogameoftheday.com or my Twitter account @vg_oftheday. Without further ado, let’s jump into our first game, Subsurface Circular, created by Mike Bithell Games and published for Windows PCs, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Subsurface Circular puts you in a world populated by robots, called teks, who serve their human masters in a variety of ways. You are a detective, meant to keep watch over the subway and follow the orders given by management. After learning about a series of tek disappearances, you must question other teks on the subway to get to the bottom of it and, if possible, save the lost teks.

Subsurface Circular has graphics showing you what is going on but the game is played almost exclusively through text. Your tek cannot move so you can only talk to the teks around you to gather information. The game isn’t a straightforward path, though. You have many dialogue choices to question the teks around you and there are a few puzzles to solve in order to progress. While the story is mostly linear, asking different questions or succeeding at puzzles will gain you more information and flesh out the world.

I enjoyed my time with Subsurface Circular quite a bit. The dialogue was well-written and while it would have been nice to have voice-acting, the writing was solid enough where I could “hear” each character distinctly in my head as I played. While the puzzles weren’t particularly difficult, they were fun distractions and weren’t so easy that I didn’t have to work to come up with an answer. The story is also pretty solid. There are some twists and turns and while the ending may not be wholly unique, it will still make you think. I completed Subsurface Circular in about 3 hours and while that may be a bit short for some, the full price of the game is only $6 US dollars, less than the cost of a movie ticket. For the price, I had a good time and it has stayed with me nearly a month after finishing it. If you enjoy a good story, Subsurface Circular comes recommended.

Thanks for listening! Remember, #loveindies goes until June 14th so we have many more indie games to go. If you want to share your own reviews, send me a tweet @vg_oftheday using the #loveindies. Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for another Video Game of the Day.

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